The National Rugby League is Australia’s topmost rugby league. In terms of the number of spectators, NRL Premiership is said to be the world’s most popular rugby tournament. The format of the National Rugby League is uncommon for those not accustomed to it. There are 16 teams which get split into two different pools. The separation is done on the basis of the results of the previous season of NRL. Each club plays with the other 8 teams from the different set of division matches home and away. They take on 6 of the teams from their own pool one time, and twice with the remaining two teams. Thus a total of 24 matches are played in the league all total.
There are various online betting operators featuring information and taking bets on the matches such as UK based operator William Hill. NRL betting may be done on one match or the winner of the match outright and also on multiple matches. There are also Australian operators which feature NRL heavily. Most of the UK based operators are not much active in the coverage of the matches as much as the Australian operators because of the sidewise run of the European Super League. But even there being betting sites in Australia, UK operators also provide free betting services. This is because of the huge mass of audience which assembles to witness the National Rugby League. 
NRL understands the fact that betting is an enjoyable concept and just meant for recreation and thus allows it. However, there is an NRL Integrity Agreement which has a set of terms and conditions. The main motive is to prevent any kind of inappropriate actions being taken in the name of betting. According to the agreement, any internal staffs or employee of NRL are not allowed to participate in the process of betting in any way.

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